Fonts In Use

Type in the real world: an amazing archive of typography.

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I was pretty excited to find that Fonts In Use has not yet been hunted, as this is might be one of my favorite resources in the world. If you are ever feeling "uncreative" or need inspiration for layout, this is the site to visit. I am always amazed that more independent archives do not exist for technology products. One idea I've had is to build a public archive for app versioning, so you can track the progress of an application in a visual format over time. While at Zaarly, I always tried to screenshot each version of our app so I could track the progression over time. You could of course do this in Github (if you had access to the repo) but it would be harder to visualize. If anyone is interested in brainstorming an independent archive for app versioning or has other ideas for indepedent archives, let me know or shout them out here!
Really fantastic resource. I am always on the hunt for good typography resources. This seems to be one of the best. Fanfreakingtastic
WOW! Love this! Thanks for bringing it up :)