FontReach surfaces data about font usage on the web.

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Co-creator here. I wanted to explain a bit more about FontReach. FR crawls the top million websites, and surfaces data about font usage across the web. It allows us to answer questions like, 'How many sites use Proxima Nova?' or 'Which fonts are used on". We now have data around the world of web fonts.
@chasingux awesome! I've always wondered what are the popular fonts, but no one actually used the data. You could also widen the search to see trends in font usage. Great work!
@chasingux is there a way to see ranking table itself? It says "ranked", it would be neat to see the whole ranked list.
Beautifully done!
I love the design. We spent hours in choosing the right font set the other day. This is exactly what we needed. Great job, @chasingux!
Really fascinating product! Betting designers will love this!
Very interesting data, beautifully presented. I just tweeted you about a potential possibility of using your data on an infographic. Please let me know.