Design and make fonts directly in Sketch

FontRapid is a free Sketch plugin, helps designers create professional OpenType fonts with ease directly in Sketch app. The output font can be used for print, web and mobile, and sold to anyone with no limit (both free and commercial use).

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5 Reviews5.0/5 Author, UX/UI Designer
Sounds great! I have to try it in action.
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Alfred BeckmanSenior Product Designer at Instabridge
I haven't done a lot of font work - but always wanted to. I think you just gave me a reason to go for it. Super easy to get started and very intuitive to use. I wish it would live update the characters as I edit them (so I don't have to reimport to see the change in the preview). Also if I have nothing selected it would be great if the import button imported all the elements named matching a character on the drawing board. Will it support ligatures? Is it possible to save the font settings so they are stored when you come back to the same file later?
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Alfred BeckmanSenior Product Designer at Instabridge

I just used it quickly after finding it here on PH. Love it for inspiration, but would probably be a little limiting if you want to do something more serious.


- Easy to use and get started.

- Free


- Very basic functions

- Not all settings stored on save

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TreggProduct Designer
Amazing! Definitely going to try it.
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Theodore Strauss18 y/o, designing an equitable future
This is going to be revolutionary for Sketch. First started as a graphic design tool, the was overhauled to be a UI design tool, and now slowly shifting back with the help of this. Most designers are using sketch for all their needs and this just brings it to the next level. Excited to try this out!