Easily add text to your iPhone photos

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Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Pretty simple idea, and nice design - you can add text to your photos using a bunch of different fonts, then text them to your friends (presumably mostly your friends who also have iPhones).
Iz@elbahnasy · Founder
Wow I like the designs and the fonts. Something like this can definitely act as an alternative to birthday cards, etc. Wonder if the produced designs can be shared on Facebook and Twitter?
Oleg Sosna
Oleg SosnaMaker@oleg_sosna · Product Manager
Hi everyone! @elbahnasy Yes, the designs can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger, Snapchat and many other apps, networks, messengers.
Oleg Sosna
Oleg SosnaMaker@oleg_sosna · Product Manager
We've released a new update bringing artworks, frames, separators, also filters for photos and a number of other new options & improvements. And yes, the app is free for the week-end!
Ken@kenetix · Founder @ Gaption
Pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of how Instagram started. Would be really interesting when there's a social aspect to it.
Michael Cheung
Michael Cheung@mikecheung · Business Development
How does your product differ from Over (besides the price point)?
Oleg Sosna
Oleg SosnaMaker@oleg_sosna · Product Manager
@mikecheung It's lighter & quicker and above all has a great collection of universal fonts. By universal I mean that the fonts fully support many languages with their special characters, ex. accent grave in French, or umlaut in German. There's support for cyrillic alphabets as well.