Rapidly find, prototype, and share new fonts

FontKey is a new way to find fonts. Quickly cycle through random choices until you find what you like, and easily share with coworkers and friends. Get code for your website in a click.
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Hey designers and developers of Product Hunt! I built FontKey as my submission to one of's contests, mere hours after wishing for a better way to find fonts. FontKey helps you improve your designs by helping you find unique fonts. - ⌨️ Simply press the space bar to cycle through new font styles - 🔒 Lock a font in place if you like it to see how it goes with other choices - 🅰️ Change things like font weight and size easily - 🌐 Preview and prototype your selection in realistic website pages - 👩‍💻 Get HTML and CSS to put on your website in a single click - 🔗 Share a link with friends, coworkers, and anyone else Enjoy! If you were wondering, FontKey won the contest and was awarded app of the week :)
Great idea! It would be great also to have a select with fonts
@daniel_ostapenko Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean something like a select box? Right now FontKey supports autocomplete for fonts
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@daniel_ostapenko I'll consider it! Make sure to watch out for new updates :)
@daniel_ostapenko @felix_mattick I'd really like a button "Next Font" or even "Random Font"
@daniel_ostapenko @jan55477796 I'm definitely gonna add that to make FontKey mobile and non-keyboard accessible
Great job, and congratulations on your award. I'm sure it was well deserved. I haven't yet worked with FontKey having just viewed the demo, but was curious if I might be able to integrate the HTML and CSS with the liquid coding used by Shopify to offering additional fonts to the stock selection built in to the framework of most if not all of their themes. Currently, the font choices are pretty limited and options for implementing others no longer exists as I understand. Your app is great news for myself if it may remedy this. If not, kudos anyway and I'm sure it will become useful in many other applications. Patrick Pool
THAT is really one useful tool! I love it, thank you!
Nice products guys! As a UX designer, I would advise you to make the button "UPDATE" fixed. Cause it changes its position after every update and you should find it and then click again. Maybe it should be replaced before the name of the font or at the right part of the left section 😉
@ross_gorbachenko Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the position of the update button :) (pun intended)