iPhone keyboard with genuine fonts

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Hi product hunters. Thank you Roy for hunting us. I like messaging apps. I'm using them most of the day. I like to add emojis and gifs to my messages, sometimes too much some say... But it's still not enough for me. I was looking for a way to add special meaning for my messages, something with a personal touch. That's why we developed Fonti. Fonti is the first keyboard app with genuine fonts, and it works on all messaging apps. It enables you to write messages in unique fonts & colors that add a new meaning to your text. The Fonti keyboard contains 50 special fonts such as: Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Matrix, Super Mario, Minecraft, Pokemon, Angry Birds. And it even has a font of the real handwriting of President Donald Trump :) Download Fonti and express yourself with style.
Nice app and good options to search for the font you want to install - it would be good to have multiple fonts, more free fonts to test with and pricing for multiple fonts
@krishnade Hi Krishna and thank you for your feedback. This is our first version and we intend to improve the app in the following versions. One of the new features will be pricing for multiple fonts as you mentioned. Please send us your email to: and we will activate all the fonts for you for free.
@omercohen99 Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and your kind offer
This should come with an iMessage app or, really, anyway to use it without installing a keyboard. Also, I’d love to be able to import fonts even if it is usually a pain to do that on iOS.
@toffer_surovec Hi Toffer, iMessage app will come in one of the following versions. We created the keyboard app first to support all messaging apps, not just iMessage.