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We're happy to introduce you FontFace Ninja V3! Fontface Ninja is a browser extension that let you inspect, try and buy fonts on any websites. Basically, you’re visiting a website and you’re wondering what is this cool font they’re using, just click the ninja and BOOM: you get the font name, size, color, letter-spacing and link to download or buy it. You can also try the font without leaving your browser tab. This new version improve font detection (brand new engine that not only rely on css declarations), and has a new UI to be more easy to use and more compatible with all websites. We packed some new cool features like color detection, pangram, draggable panel. We also improved performances a lot :)
@axelcorjon you made it even better, cool redesign, awesome new features. Love the new product website.
@tiagopires i'm relly glad to hear that :) thanx!
Very smooth and useful, love the design ! well done team
Amazing extension & amazing team! Congratulations guyz 🔥
clean design, easy to use - great work - by the way: love the ninja gif!
@meineleserei thanx! (i'm pretty proud of this gif ;) )
Have been using it since the very beginning, this new version is awesome.
@huangdun i'm really glad you like it!