FontFace Dojo

Bookmark fonts from any websites, get font pairing and more!

FontFace Dojo is your new tool to discover and bookmark fonts.

You can use the FontFace Dojo website to discover trending fonts or bookmark fonts on any websites (with FontFace ninja browser extension).

There's more! All Bookmarks are supercharged with datas to find perfect font pairings and find real use case of the bookmarked font.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
Definitely what is missing in the typography world ! Thanks team
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After months of hard work, we're proud to announce FontFace Dojo, our new service to bookmark fonts from any websites ! We'd love to get some feedbacks and i'm happy to answer questions :) Also, a little gift for the product hunt community, if you subscribe to an annual plan, get 10% off with the code : FFD10off
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Finally, typography has its Great Hall now!


Smart way to bookmark, pair, and match Fonts.

Great tool to discover new font associations.


The quick brown fox DID jump over the lazy dog

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FontFace Ninja is already a must have - I'm so thrilled to test Dojo Good job guys 🔥