is a website aimed to help you choose fonts faster. No more half hours gone clicking on font after font until you find the right one!

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Hey everyone! I created after years of seeing frustrated designers struggle to find the perfect fonts for their projects... And sometimes, finding myself in that situation. From idea to launch, the project took 10 days to complete. I wanted the site to be straightforward and to the point, just like all the products The M Company aims to create, so you make the most of your time. More fonts and categories will be added soon! If you have any particular suggestions or comments you can reach out to me via twitter and/or email, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for checking out! EDIT: I hear you and I agree! The background colour has been darkened so it's easier on the eye. More than one palette option will be coming out soon so you can try fonts in different bg colours!
Marife VillalonPurveyor of obscure stuff. 🇵🇭
This is neat. Any plans of adding more characteristics?
@marifevillalon Thank you!! Yes, I'm still working on more features for the site, as well as planning to add more fonts and categories for said fonts :) I'll be announcing the updates as they roll out!

If it were possible to manually select the background color from a few options, it would be great!


Nice, simple, does the job


The sharp red background is not easy on the eye

Wilson HobbsVideographer and Software Engineer
The background is extremely jarring and unreadable. Please change it. Please, PLEASE change it. Otherwise, it's a good idea! Looking forward to seeing what's next.
@wbhob Hi Wilson! Thanks for checking fontdatabase out. I'll definitely change the background, as I said in my introductory comment, I think I will be adding different options so it's not straining to the eyes, esp for people who don't have 20/20 vision or get tired eyes easily. Will be fixing it asap!
Your Logo is beautiful and meaningful.
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