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About the extension - Instantly swap the fonts on any web page to a Google Font with this Chrome Extension. Great for trying out different Google Fonts quickly. Several filters to allow you choose the font based on criteria such as popularity, trending, style, thickness and slant. You can change all the text on your webpage, or only the headers, and even custom elements by adding your own selectors.
@sami_al_maameri This is cool. Could definitely be useful for website designers and marketers.
@sami_al_maameri why can't I get this to work on Product Hunt?
@chrismessina It is a chrome extension. So you will need to be on a laptop to download and install it in your browser. Cant be installed via mobile phones or tablets. Thanks!
@tese_omesan Thanks! Glad you think so! :)
Nice tool, took me some time to figure out though that after installation you should explicitly set the extension's permission to 'allow access to file url's', otherwise it doesn't work.
@r_oosterhof Hi Richard. Thanks for the feedback. It is strange you are getting that behaviour. The extension does not read or write any files on the computer so it should not need that permission. It should work without having to set the 'allow access to file url's'. permission. Not sure why it is acting like that for you. Maybe try uninstall/reinstall. Could also be that another extension is interfering with its behaviour.