Font Shaming

Which fonts do top 737 ProductHunt startups use?

#3 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2018

We scraped the top hunts. Which fonts and font combinations do they use?


* Lots of system fonts

* Lots of Google Fonts

* A long tail of the misspelled fonts

* Shockingly, no Comic Sans!

Finally, some websites use Helvetica and Arial on the same page which raises the question of *font shaming*, a term coined by @tylerlastovich

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Awesome work Icons8 Team. This is super cool!
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@ericqhargrove thank you, Eric!
Cool idea!
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@zara_namalyan thank you :) We almost cancelled the project after we saw no cool, inspirational font pairings; then we had to pivot it.
I find this amazing!
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@vardankarapetyan oh boy, you know how to motivate.
Again great work Icons8 teams! ps I've receive an error modal when I was clicking on the fonts
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@brik_dm can't reproduce :( we've restarted the services though recently, our bad
@brik_dm @visualpharm It does not seem to be working today.
Great idea!
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@anna_martirosyan oh thank you! It used to be a test task for our new team member btw