Font Map

Using AI to surface new relationships across fonts by IDEO

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This is super impressive, Kevin. I enjoyed your write up - I tried doing the same thing ~ 2 years ago; impressive what you were able to accomplish with VGG16 - this is a way better way of doing it :) my take:
@jongold thanks! This whole project actually just started as a curiosity about whether something like VGG16 could do well in a domain it wasn't intended to do - and it did surprisingly well given the right dataset. I loved your article and the line of thinking from programmatic design. It's really interesting to see how 2 years made such a difference, now with things like VGG16, we can assume that machines already can see, and direct that ability towards new domains in service of new tools.
Yeah. This is super impressive and rather beautiful. Hype for type ❤️
The button 'Start Exploring' does not respond when you're using an ad block extension in Safari
@joid thanks for the heads up! should be fixed now.
An excellent way to visualize font. It's always been such a challenge to get a relational feel for different types. Nice work!
This is interesting! Would have been a killer if we could customise the preview text instead of Lorem Ipsum all the way.