Font Inspiration

A hand picked gallery of fonts type & lettering

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2017

Font Inspiration is a hand picked gallery of fonts type & lettering

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Good website. Sometimes I really need more font inspiration. :)
Great tool - and I think that the comment above, with everyday mail with random font inspiration, is an awesome idea!
@learnuxio +! to that! All awesome idea, definitely going to implement some more features into the site. Thanks for all the support guys!
@jrosendesign It's really cool that you listen to the feedback and want to improve your project! :)
Hey all! Just another side project I worked on a while ago, offering a variation font type and lettering to inspire designers. Love to hear your thoughts and feedback
@jrosendesign The site looks neat. Tell us more - if I become a regular visitor to the site, does it remember which combinations / examples I "liked"? Can it email me a random font inspiration each day? Visitors may love that (and it'd be a good reminder for them to come back to the site as well).
@dotmanish Hey Manish! That's an awesome idea, it doesn't do anything like that yet. But got a few ideas in the pipeline, the first will be to set up user accounts can you save your favourites, next up would be submitting directly from dribbble etc.. all in due time! Thanks for your kind words
@jrosendesign I'm a developer and sometimes I get stuck when I look for font that I use for the apps theme. This site is cool! It give me a daily inspirations about font and design. Anyway, is it possible to know what font that the design's use?