We're super excited to announce Font In Logo with you today.
FontInLogo helps you search and find a World Brands (and other) Logos with their font details. The platform is FREE to use.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋 We're super excited to announce FontInLogo.com with you today! 🤩 FontInLogo helps you search and find a World Brands (and other) Logo with their font details. A tool for everyone who tried to design a logo  The idea of FontInLogo came up from our dealing team(@ azwedo.com) lecturing about the importance of well-known fonts. We started collecting data and ended up with a platform that lets you search brands and find out what font they are using. Fun right? The platform is FREE to search for any Logo and find any Font used by world brands. 🥳Yes, anyone can join the FontInLogo community You don’t need to know someone, or have an agent, or have a name to contribute to FontInLogo. So whether you’re new to design or consider yourself a pro — your contribution to submit a logo font(that’s not in our list) is welcome here. Help us help this community. We've built the platform from Zero to Hero in just 7 days, this is becoming our routine of building valuable products Give it a try - Can't wait to see what you think! www.fontinlogo.com #fontinlogo #azwedo #findlogo #productsprint
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@bardhylbytyci Congratulations for FontInLogo. I have tried to find a particular font in logo many a times, this should be really helpful. I want to ask how are you doing the matching? Are you doing vector tracing and matching?
@bardhylbytyci have you found that the fonts in logos are accessible for people to use? I thought most big brands had custom fonts for their logos.
@rahulvats at the moment everything manually 😁 Thanks!
@rileytomasek mostly they do have custom fonts, some of them are free and some you have to pay to get it. Thanks! 👍
Awesome! I'm always struggling to identify a font of different logos. Thanks you for making my life easier :)
@andrew_zeivald Thanks a bunch! :)
This is a quite interesting website. I'd recommend to all designers to use it as an inspiration tool. Seeing what other did and have used on their logos is a huge push in trying to make awesome identities. Kudos to @bardhylbytyci and @nuhiademaj
@betimdrenica thank you so much for your kind words and glad you liked it. Hopefully it will help you and your team at TheQuantix.com anyhow :)
Congrats @bardhylbytyci great idea! Damn you should launch before I redo our logo :-) Will definitively use it soon for another project! Thanks guys.
@mentorreka Thank you, I appreciate it. Haha, hopefully, it will be helpful in the future :)
Loved it! Indeed, I found a font I was looking for :) 👍
@rkqiku Indeed is my pleasure to see the product in action and helping you 👍