Font Hero

Manage, capture and classify fonts directly in Photoshop!

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If this works (I've used a few PS plugins, and they're all *really* crappy, buggy and overly confusing), I'll love you forever @markhanse87. The fact that Photoshop has no way to organize fonts is *insane*. Bought it; worth the $39 on the off chance it works.
@gkoberger Looking forward to your further feedback. :)
This app is designed for every designer to boost their daily design workflow. We want to provide better experience than all traditional desktop font software.
@markhanse87 Hi Mark. Product looks great - but the repetitive 'buy now' button under each of the Highlights/function sections almost makes it seem like you're selling multiple products.
@stttories Thank you very much for your advice! I will consider to redesign the site... :)
I need this, where I find?