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hey guys you might have seen my other product that serves a similar function: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Fontjoy finds interesting relationships between fonts using neural net embeddings - it works well but doesn't really have notions of visual aesthetics. Font generator uses a human-guided approach where it chooses from a number of hand-picked contrast vectors. Sometimes I have a general idea of the fonts I want, but still would like to see a few similar variations. Font generator finds these variations and serves them up quickly so you can flip through different design ideas. Font generator also presents the font in a simple blog layout, so you can see the fonts in context. let me know if you have any questions or comments!
This looks useful. I played around with it for a couple of minutes. 3 suggestions: First: Make the dropdowns and initial preview in the first fold of the page itself. Right now, the first fold of the page is the logo and name for Font Generator. I have to scroll down and position the page correctly to start using it. (position correctly == drop-downs exactly at the top and remaining at bottom). Second: Is there a way for me to see recent history of font pairings I tried using 'random'? I will keep hitting random to see what it brings up, and suddenly I'll realize "Oh, the pairing I saw 3 pairings ago looked better than all of these", and I'd want to go back to it. Third: Is there a way for me to mark "I like this pairing" somewhere, and your intelligent backend to compute and show me more pairings "similar" to my liked pairs? Good stuff with this.
@dotmanish great suggestions! I did want to implement a like system but decided to launch early/often. It's on the to-do list : ]
@jak_9994 awesome. Looking forward to next few releases.
I really like the examples! But, to be honest, Fontjoy is more useful to me (I'm a designer).
@futhey why not both : ] fontjoy works using a different algorithm, so they complement eachother pretty well.
@jak_9994 Yeah, they're both really good!
Would love a font pairing system I can bookmark.
@andyshrinivas there's a url box where you can save/share a link, like so: http://bit.ly/2uHCYlD
How about font suggestion by subject keywords?