Font Flipper

Tinder for Google Fonts ❤️

Preview 800+ Google Fonts on top of your own designs, without having to download the fonts first. You'll play “Hot or Not” to collect fonts you like, and they will be available to download and use.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Me and my brother @brettsshep are just two guys that spend all day in a basement designing and building things. We wanted to create something useful for the design community, and it seems like every designer is crazy about fonts. So ... here we are. Downloading fonts just to see what they look like on a design is kind of a pain and often a waste of time. We built Font Flipper so designers could preview Google Fonts in the context of their own designs, without having to download those fonts first. We also wanted to create a quick way of going through these fonts and collecting the ones you like. Font Flipper lets you: - Upload an image - Place custom text on it (multiple text boxes with text styles) - Preview that text in over 800+ Google Fonts - Collect the fonts you like - Download your liked fonts
Awesome, great interface, it will save much more time for designers
@bitrewards Thanks Alexander, hope you enjoy it!
Really proud of Brandon & Brett for doing such great work with a quick turnaround here. I wanted to help get them out in front of people on PH because I think it's great they are making things for the community. Having a fast iteration cycle through selecting Google Fonts has been an irritation of mine for a long time, so I'm happy to see they are moving in the direction of doing something about. Nice work guys, I know this is just the beginning for you two and I await your next smash hit with baited breath. :)
@mrjackolai We both really appreciate that, and we are very grateful for all of your help. We hope this product can help out a lot of designers just like us. Here's to the future!
We would love to know what you guys think of app! Is there anything you wish it did?
@babken_karapetyan Thanks, hope it makes your font searches a little bit easier!