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@jkdncn thanks for the hunt! Very open to any suggestions. Cheers :)
@janwennesland Great idea and execution! I especially like the fact that you can edit the text that is displayed. I can now send this to my clients and have them choose the fonts! One of the most important (at least for me!) feature that's missing is the ability to share. After I selected "My Loved", it'd be great if I can email it to myself.
@d4nyll Great idea! Currently using local storage. Sharing ability is added to the features list. Thanks!
@janwennesland Thanks for the cool tool, Jan! I spotted Font Flame while looking for fun products to share with my students in my 5 Graphics Design and Illustration courses. It's been interesting to see what "looks good" to them. I'm just learning myself and it has started some great conversations. Keep up the great work! 😀
I'm really enjoying this. So simple.
@alanaut24 Good to hear! Simplicity is key to all relationships ;)
Very useful. Already inspired me to choose the right fonts for my next project.
@ysekand Awesome! Glad you like it 😄
Fun, but dangerous tool for the font-choice-impaired. An educational version for your next project?
@kkdub Hehe true. Font aid would be nice :)
@janwennesland I love this concept. 1) Is there any way to see top pairings as ranked by the community? 2) If you plan on developing this further, can you add the option to left-align the text?
@adilmajid Thanks! 1) Not yet, but i plan to develop further and also add a curated feature. 2) Good point. I will add this to my feature list!