Font Fit

Try fonts on a live website and share results with a link.

Font Fit allows to test different fonts on a live website, share the results with a friend and export the changed CSS styles. No browser plugin needed.

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It's only a matter of time until clients find this tool and ruin designer's lives. Great product though πŸ˜‰
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@fishsander lol "can we make it all bigger and in Impact?...actually Comic sans"
Hey guys, just wanted to say we're still in the middle of developing FontFit, so if you're interested keep an eye out for new features that should help making the UX way better. And if you have any ideas or recommendations we'd be very grateful for your insight! We're hoping to make it into a useful tool for people who want to test out different fonts on a live website and people who want to show others how a website might look with different fonts (for example if you have a client and you want to show him how the site would look like in Comic Sans we have a dynamic share link that shows the site with the fonts and styles you had selected.) Some new features coming soon (please let me know if you find some of them useful so we know what where to direct our effort): β€’ Font Suggestions (which fonts look good together as title and body text) β€’ Automatic font styles grab from other sites (say you want to test the fonts uses) β€’ A list of styles/fonts you've picked and a way to reset them more easily
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@peedutuisk Liked the whole idea. Effective on what it tries to solve.
Awesome tool, @peedutuisk. Is it possible to go beyond fonts and allow for a sharable link with CSS tweaks of any kind? I would love to be able to copy and paste styles externally into a site I can't edit directly and then share the changes with a client via a link.
@alex_dinardo Yep, that's the direction we're heading. πŸ˜‰ Taking it step by step.
It's really funny that you posted this a day after Type Anything lol. =)
Such a coincidence that I've been looking for UI tools to help me redesign some sites. This will be of great help! Thanks for this!
Here's how PH would look like with different fonts and more orange color: