Font Famous 2.0

The free vector logo font for showing off your press links

#3 Product of the DayMay 27, 2019
Stop wasting time searching Google Images and spinning out in Photoshop trying to format media logos for your site.

Show off your recent press mentions with a couple lines of CSS and get back to making fame worthy products.
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whats new in this update?
@aaronoleary Complete redesign of the website, cleaned up code and even more logos!
The product looks really interesting and I would love to use a service like this to show the press that has featured my apps. I made a bunch of suggestions for popular sites in my industry (mostly press sites that feature Apple products and apps). So far, many have been knocked back for not being reputable enough. I would like to know the criteria for what is reputable and if it's open for more discussion. I guess how much someone knows a press website depends on your industry, sometimes. I would have really liked to use Font Famous instead of having to find and contact the companies who have featured my apps for their logos. So far, a few are available but not all the ones I currently need.
@heidi_helen The fact there is no iMore or Mac Rumors but there is sirusXM and two Readers Digest just goes to show how clueless these makers are.
@yogert96 I think they are considering @iMore. You can make suggestions on their GitHub project. My suggestions for MacStories and iDownloadBlog were rejected, though, as well as a few others.
@imore @heidi_helen I find all of my top quality apps in Readers Digest though
@imore @yogert96 I don’t think it’s just for creators of apps to use but others who work on different products that can be mentioned by other press as well. But I am guessing a lot of people on Product Hunt are interested in apps, though.
@heidi_helen @yogert96 Call off the dogs there, Patrick. Sheesh.
Nice, but def needs more logos!
Wow this is clever! I always disliked searching for logos and using photoshop to make the press mention banners.
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