Font Awesome 5

The internet's most popular icon set remade from scratch

Hey folks! We just launched this today. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
@davegandy You should contact PH and ask to be added as the maker. Congrats with the new campaign. Impressive!
The internet's most popular icon set remade from scratch. Looks insanely great already and this is just the beginning. Very, very nice.
Happy to back these great font, which we use in @phabricator. Any plans or path forward for Open Source projects to use Font Awesome 5 Pro? We backed the Kickstarter regardless because we love the work!
@chad_little @phabricator Great question. Some of it greatly depends on how it's used. (Redistribution accidentally via GH is probably one of the bigger concerns, much like regular typefaces). But generally, I think one of the student / non-profit licenses would cover it!
3 days left! Go get the $900k and why not $1000k! Dave and his team are making so much for such a low price!