Hot glue gun for cheese, by BuzzFeed 🧀

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BuzzFeed moving further into commerce. This is fantastic execution, and I think the first time they've created a dedicate landing page for a product (cc @peretti). I don't really eat cheese but now I want a Fondoodler. 🧀
@rrhoover Do you have to put cheese in it? Or can you put other food material? 🤔
FAQ: Is this real? Yes, this is not a weird Kickstarter. Fondoodler is real and glorious.
This is one of those products where they thought up the name first and ran with it :p
I want to upvote this more than once.
The UX for this seems like it's going to be quite off requiring a cord. Hot melted cheese is nice but the way its all done seems a bit much for these micro bites prepared on the spot