The Employee Engagement Suite

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I’m excited to announce today that AnyPerk is now Fond, and we have significant product enhancements to go along with our new brand. When we initially founded the company in 2012, we chose the name AnyPerk — a simple name that conveyed our focus on offering a suite of excellent employee perks. While we remain leaders in the perks space, our company has grown. Our mission now is much broader: to help companies build places where employees love to work. Since we see perks as only one part of this picture, we decided it was time to create a new name and look to suit our mission and growing product portfolio. We chose “Fond” because it reflects authentic employee happiness. Similarly, our new look and feel--the bright and variable color scheme, images of true emotion and spark icons throughout--is meant to convey a sense of joy. (To learn more about our rebranding process, stop by VP of Marketing Michael Stapleton’s recent blog post. ) Taken together, the new name and style convey our focus on genuine and enthusiastic employee engagement. This isn’t just a change in name and design, though. Today, we’re excited to launch a new product, EngagementIQ — a well-tested method of measuring employee engagement — alongside significant enhancements to our existing rewards and perks products, including: • Gmail, Slack Integration, and Salesforce (coming soon). Send recognition from within these common workflow tools. • Service Awards & Birthdays. Schedule congratulatory messages and Rewards Points to automatically be sent to employees on their work anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant dates. • Engagement Analytics 2.0. Get a regular overview of how active your employees are on our platform and learn how you stack up next to other companies of your size. We’re thrilled to continue developing and growing as we aspire to help make your employees happier, more engaged, and even healthier, in the coming months and years. Fondly, Taro Fukuyama CEO
Excited for this to officially launch!