Snapchat improved

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Sorry for the troll tagline :), FOMO reminds me of an interesting mix between shots of me, snapchat (with longer expire options), and stickers. Great stuff by the iddiction guys. I think @shobeir is on ProductHunt, AMA???
I played with FOMO a bit last night. It reminds me of the Viddy team's latest app, Clique (, but focused on sharing silliness publicly.
Would love to hear @sammy and @ShaanVP's take on this.
It's very simple and isn't confusing to modify/upload photos if you are familiar with using Snapchat and Vine. I don't think they will attract my parents and their friends to use the app which is a good thing (sorry mom!). : )
They have fun copy on their App Store page ... great use of FOMO. But, 'too many apps, didn't download' (without an actual description).