Business Card Scanner with Templated Emails, Launching @SXSW

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What Hashable should have been.
Product lead here. #AMA.
@BrianCurliss looks interesting, esp. on the template emails following a scan. how are you processing the scanned cards - any tools? btw, I didn't know you needed to enter an email to get early access but I assumed it. perhaps add a tooltip in your friend to let a visitor know to subscribe via email?
@BrianCurliss - how many projects do you have going!? :) Several people have attempted to kill the business card but most only improve the transaction by 50% (arbitrary number). Despite many peoples' hatred of the business card, it's hard to change their habits (smart to focus on the early adopter SXSW crowd though). Why build a solution around scanning business cards? What other ways of transacting this information have or are you considering?
Love the idea of sending an email after scanning the card @BrianCurliss