Personalized banner ads that follow a specific audience

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Derick Downs
Tech Dork From San Diego. @derickdowns
Thanks @joelandren for posting this. Much appreciated. My name is @DerickDowns.  Short bio for those who don’t know me: I am a certified Google Adwords / Analytics professional with a passion for technology, innovation, and having fun. I started this project because individual entrepreneurs often have limited budgets. Advertising platforms are also often complex, expensive, and confusing.  I wanted to help eliminate the pain points I use to face when I started. I couldn’t build a website, and I couldn't figure out how digital marketing works. Follow Per Click started out as a novelty joke I would play on my girlfriend.  I was unable to work on disability due to two serious accidents last year (No Joke… 2 major accidents in 1 year).  The challenge of not being able to work sparked creativity and desire to make a positive impact for entrepreneurs like myself.  I would run specific re-marketing campaigns to just her with dynamic banner ads saying things like: “Quit shopping here you have no money - include a image of her dog ”  “Go home and make dinner - include a picture of our kitchen ”  “ Your BF Loves You - include picture of us” She thought that I was wasting tons of money to run advertisements on sites like Horoscope, CNN, Mashable, YouTube, etc. just to be funny. LOL Our approach is different from traditional advertising because we are not trying to show our ads to a large audience, but rather to specific people who click on a designated link.  Users can display any message, image, or combination on major platforms for up to 30 days after anybody clicks on the link. Any individual entrepreneur, or small business, who wants to take advantage of the service just needs to be able to upload an image, provide a headline. Follow Per Click builds you a responsive landing page, and banner ads in all sizes for you. Once Follow Per Click receives the information from a customer, via mobile apps or website, we create banner ads in all sizes availible. Follow Per Click then sends the dynamic ads back to the user for approval. Once approved we will make a link for you to share with your audience. Whoever clicks on the designated link will then be followed with the personal ads on many websites, mobile applications, or video sites like YouTube. If you would like to try @FollowPerClick please use coupon code: ProductHunt in order to get 25% discount and 1 additional banner ad in all sizes.   We would love to hear your feedback. There is a live demo on our website that you can watch in case this sounds to confusing. Please let me know any thoughts, feedback, ideas, or suggestions you may have to help advance this project. I really appreciate your time. Thanks, @DerickDowns
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Stephanie GamulinLead Development, Miva
the name is the game!
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Christian H. Cooper
Founder & Author @ Wiley
Can't say enough great things about these guys. Phenomenal product and insane dedication to the UX. Found on @producthunt of course