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Revealing our NRA-supported US Representatives

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2018

A Google Chrome extension that changes all the names of the 20 members of Congress who receive the most NRA-funding to include exactly how much of the NRA's money they've each pocketed.

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@kcucchia and.... it is a great idea for politicians to be transparent about where their funding comes from. Since they are not, a Chrome Extension is the next best thing.
@leefranchap yeah I’m sure that the intent was totally unbiased .. especially considering the bipartisan tag line and all. John McAfee is the president too.
@kcucchia So a feature request to also show those products in tech that have affiliation with the NRA? Great idea!
@leefranchap your skills of inference (among others) are severely lacking. I’m sure you’ll do well. Note: I have zero affiliation with the NRA. Just adding some objectivity, since you’re making it painfully obvious that you are completely devoid of it. But hey - best of luck!
@leefranchap HAHA You're not even American. You're from Latvia. Howbout you worry about your own country's problems.
Can I upvote this 500x please.
“Never forget who has blood on their hands.” Really? Is that what you think of the NRA? Can we please keep the political rhetoric off of PH, because it’s ruining it.
@morroworks God forbid this hallowed tech-space be sullied by a discussion of political accountability for the death of children.
@jordankrueger I'm not going to get into a political discussion on here, but if you think the NRA is the issue, then you clearly haven't grasped the concept of root cause analysis.
@morroworks The NRA is a front for gun manufacturers. Their job is to lobby for weaker gun laws so that more people buy guns. They are absolutely the root of the problem.
@jordankrueger @morroworks Ignorance is bliss as they say
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@jordankrueger While I agree that the NRA does lobby (and I can't stand lobbyists), they aren't directly responsible for what is going on today. The very people who commit violent crimes are the issue. Firearms are merely a tool.
This is great.
Now this, is a good chrome extension