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Kate Serkina
@kateserkina · entrepreneur
thank you very much for your feedbacks and kind words!
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Kate Serkina
@kateserkina · entrepreneur
Eric, thank you for featuring us :) Hi all! We are Follow Hunt and we a place where you can find the best people to follow on social media about your interests. Here all of us are trying to collect and categorize the most worthy people to follow. Yep, it looks like our lovely Product Hunt :)
@diserkin · made in ussr
Thanks @erictwillis! This is our third project on PH and I proud of our small team. Please let us know what you think about idea and our MVP. It is still an early beta: may contains some issues and functionality is very limited. We plan to add profiles, ability to follow users, activity, collections and so on. Sounds familiar? :) Well, yes. It is a Produc… See more
Elizabeth M.
@leasemolina · Tech & music for life. Boring Attorney.
Great job!! It seems like there was a need for this product! A suggestion from someone who analyzes words for a living (attorney), you may want to reconsider the adjectives "worthy" and "best." In this context, these adjectives are describing individuals not products; thus those adjectives might not be appropriate. For example, by same logic, individuals tha… See more
@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
What is the criteria to be considered "most worthy"?
Olivier El Mekki
@oelmekki · maker
Very cool, I can see myself using this daily. The idea of commenting about people feels a bit weird, though :)