Follow Friday for Instagram

Simple app for recommending awesome people on Instagram

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Hey everyone! I built this app originally just to learn ReactJS, but after talking to a bunch of bloggers/instagrammers realized there was actually a pretty big need for this. Every Friday there's a ton of people on Instagram who create "Follow Friday" posts as a way of recommending awesome people on Instagram, but it's not all that easy to do. My goal here was to make it ridiculously easy. No login required, just choose 4 people, pick an image from each person, then tap "post" to pop open the Instagram app with the image and caption pre-filled. I launched the app this morning and seeing some pretty encouraging growth already. Here's a feed of what people are posting: Pretty blown away buy the quality thus far. Happy to answer any questions! Your feedback (good and bad) would be amazing. Will also be open sourcing the code that powers the app landing page ( momentarily.
@gabe_ragland Very sweet application! Awesome work on the UI, so simple and so functional. Love this!
@magalhini Thanks Ricardo, that's some high praise!
@gabe_ragland I love this. Let me set a reminder every Friday and it's magic 🙌🏻
Thanks @madebyues! Reminders are coming in the next update 🎉
Very Nice concept! I am an avid Instagram user so this will come in handy :D
Is this app off the market?