Draw with Friends meets Chat Roulette

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I'm not a fan of the name but fun app. All you have is a black pen tool. There's no eraser. You draw something and others can "remix" it, creating a chain of progressively weird/fun/serendipitous doodles. I dig it. Here's my first 20 second sketch:
@rrhoover I'm renaming it to "redoodle" --might be a little better name...
@andsmi MUCH better name :)
@rrhoover @andsmi rename complete. redoodle
Reminds me of Mix by Fifty Three. Speaking of which, it would be cool to see Paper on the bigger iPhones. cc/ @wmorein
@robjama Yes, a similar core concept for sure. On Paper for iPhones, definitely something we are thinking hard about right now. Lots of interesting challenges in order to get something like that right.
(as the developer of follow-app) @robjama I saw mix around when I was publishing... great minds? -- but I think Mix provides a lot more -- towards the artist side--right now I'm experimenting with the idea being "twitter for doodles" -- Artifical limitation of no erase/one-color/tiny image/etc. seems like it could be interesting.
Hello--as the developer of the app, I want to thank you for all the input/feedback. I woke up this morning to a few users...and a few inappropriate drawings (the next version lets you flag those) -- the app is being renamed to "Redoodle" and the version currently awaiting Apple approval has fixed notifications, ability to flag drawings as inappropriate, and share on fb/twitter -- I'd love more's great to see the doodles coming in.
draw w/ friends meets chat it's jonah hill in superbad?
@eriktorenberg it's not even that big of a deal, erik. something like 8% of kids do it.
@eriktorenberg I'd have to say I didn't pick that tag line...I was warned long before when talking about the concept that this is what everyone would draw...I assumed it wouldn't be that bad (therefore the 'flag inappropriate' didn't make it into the first version).... I have since learned my lesson...about 8% of the drawings submitted seem to be of this nature..... I like the tagline "Twitter meets Doodles" or something like that....but I guess that wouldn't get quite the same activity.
I've been spending some time "policing" to prevent the Chat Roulette 'negative aspect' that seems to be popping up with new users. I'm looking forward to community flagging in the next product. The version in the store right now has notifications broken in iOS 8 -- the new version is waiting on Apple to approve, and will have that fixed. I'm a little concerned that without notifications of "replies" for users with iOS 8 that I won't see many return visitors. But the update should fix that. Again, I'd love any feedback or suggestions.