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There are tons of news sites out there, a lot of which seem to be struggling. What is the big differentiator here? Where do you pull all the data from? And how is it then tagged? Btw. there are tags for singular and plural e.g. startup/startups - may want to merge :)
@bentossell For me there are a couple of big differentiators: 1) Firstly our Topic pages - take batman v superman[1] as an example - if you're a big movie/comic/batman/superman fan then this page is the only place you need to look to know what was happening with the movie. You'd have got the gossip, the trailers as they were released, box office stats, rumours about the next Justice League movies etc. Its a gold mine of great content. 2) On top of this you then have the personalisation - you've got the ability to build your own News Feed made up of all the topics you care about - and its awesome. You can add your favourite movies, startups, sports teams, bands and even.... ProductHunt! So its not just a "news site", its *your* news site. In regards to the data, that comes in from a set of sources we've seeded, theres just shy of a 1000 sources across a dozen or so categories. We are thinking about a crawler, but that'll come a little down the road. Tagging happens as content comes in using a set of algorithms that determine relevancy, similarity etc. The topics that can be tagged come from what people search (and an experimental process we have in place that uses NLP). And yeah - the tag thing is on my radar! [1]
Hi all, Founder of Folloh here. If anyone has any questions or comments please do let me know. I'm here to help!
1000 sources! Really Cool! Some questions: 1. Are you planning on creating mobile app / web app / slack bot? Would love to get notified for news on specific topics. 2. Are you planning on adding non-news pages specific to topics such as some really funny review on rotten tomato / stack overflow answer / quora answer etc?
Hi @edrobap Thanks! A mobile app is very much top of the list right now - I can think of a hundred reasons this would be awesome. As for a Slack bot is a good idea - I'll have a look and see how tough that'd be to put together. Our focus at the moment is news pages, but we've had a lot of interest in non news pages, for example being able to follow a YouTube channel - so to answer your question, yes! Thanks for the feedback :)
@mrgmw8 best of luck! :+1: