Anonymously get reviews about any person

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Is your site workin? I can't get in (from mobile) // now working
Nice. I can see this being useful. The testimonials all read like they were written by the same person though. For a product like this where giving authentic reviews is such a big part of your value prop, you probably wanna work on that.
Maybe it's just me, but I didn't get it straight away. I think it'd be useful to have a very specific use-case, e.g. "get anonymous feedback on an employee"
@edmoyse agreed. It needs a use case / problem to solve. In general I don't put much weight on anonymous reviews, because I don't trust them.
@edmoyse they need to explain the use case. Their main idea is for more i depth reference checks when considering to hire a person
I DON'T think it has any relevant information. From the first look it has not even closer smart data-driven algorithm: FolksReviews just asking people. (It's only for gossips)