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Folk lets you make the most out of your network. Easy to set up, easier to use, Folk is a contact manager that leverages powerful integrations and smart features to help you manage the relationships that matter to you. ⚡️

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Hi everyone 👋 Thank you for hunting us Cyril. We are delighted to share an early access to Folk with the Product Hunt community! Folk is a new way to manage your network. Folk has two products: one for individuals and one for teams. My cofounder and I realized in our previous jobs that there was no satisfactory way to manage contacts: CRMs are too complicated and not made for the job 🤔, Spreadsheets require too much effort 🙅, etc. That's why we're building Folk: to buy time for busy people & teams to build a better network. Folk will be free for an additional 3 months if you register today, only for the PH community. A very special thanks to the teams already in our private beta ❤️ Give us your feedback! Ronan Notes: (1) by default we do not enrich contact data. Contact enrichment will be available in the paid version of the product, but if you are a team of 10+ and would like to try it, let us know in the comments and we will activate it. (2) For any questions on our upcoming features, please see this link:
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@ronan_gouello Do you have a time frame?
@ronan_gouello came from Forest Admin guys. Do you have email templates?
@arthur_tkachenko Hello Tkachenko, we do not do emailing, however we will integrate with emailing solutions so that you can define your contact lists in Folk and then trigger the emails from the integrations.

I've been using Folk in private beta for some time, and I'm glad I can finally tell the world how much of a game-changer it has been for me! Folk saves me a HUGE amount of time: it keeps all my contacts from multiple sources in one place, it automatically deduplicates/enriches/adds email threads to contacts, AND it acts like a CRM but for my network. I had tested many options before, so I'm relieved I won't have to switch tools back-and-forth anymore!


As simple as an address book, lots of automation to help on repetitive tasks, easy on the eyes.


Only desktop so far, but happy to see that a mobile app is on the way!

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Really cool product. I love the idea and totally see myself using it even alone to keep expanding my network. Congrats on the launch guys 👊
@adrienm Thank you Adrien :)
Hi team - congrats on the launch. Could you tell me what three features you find the most exciting yourselves? I definitely feel the pain that CRMs and email contact lists aren't quite there yet in the sweet spot in between. I'm about to try out Folk and keen to hear more!
@davedri Thank you :) The three most exciting features: (1) Collaboration around your network: with your team but also with other people / companies in your network (2) Productivity features, in particular around meetings (3) A wide range of integrations so that you have the full history of the relationship across all communication tools.
@ronan_gouello awesome, thanks for the reply. I think so far I've been most impressed with: 1. How easy it is to tag an existing user and have them immediately available with that tag cohort in the same view (in the sidebar) 2. How easy it is to create contact segmentation for campaigns (plus how quick that "copy to clipboard is") 3. The overall UX is just lean and fast. I will raise one feature request. I'm currently using Contactually as our CRM as their "bucket" system makes it really easy to group contacts by the relative verticals that I know them through (e.g. startup community, technical writer industry, open source community). The killer feature there is the "countdown timer" to help me keep in touch with these contacts. What makes that special is each "bucket" can have a different type of countdown (e.g. 90 days for media contacts, but 30 days for collaborators). Would love to see thing kind of thing in Folk. Apart from that... Folk is the contact management tool you didn't realise you needed. And one that will make you ask "why am I paying so much for my clunky CRM?".
@davedri All on our roadmap, thank you :)
Really enjoyed using Folk during the beta. The collaborative features are what makes it shine. We used it to discover who in our company could introduce us to the people we needed to talk with, waaaaay easier than scanning their linkedin ;-)
@laurent_vb Thank you, Laurent :)