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This is so good I almost don't want to share it and ruin the uniqueness
@modernty Thanks Tyler, so kind of you! Just go, ruin the uniqueness, please, share! ;)
How can this have only 25 upvotes? I'd like to say it's what I was looking for, but I'd be lying. I never expected to find something that amazing! Keep up the great work, I'll most definitely buy in the coming weeks!
@alexandredes Alexandre, I'm thrilled, I'm humbled... thank you!
Hey guys, Stefan here author of @foliodot. Instead of introduction copy, just check foliodot manifesto — . I've designed foliodot for myself as a way to cope with current (messy) state of web design/development. If you are on the same page, please share and join the ride with me. It's just a beginning ;) I'm here for all your questions. Thank you. PS. @bentossell once again, thanks for the feature.
This is absolutely fantastic.
@madebyues So nice to hear, thank you for your support.
This is amazing! I've been taking my free time over the past couple of weeks to redesign my portfolio site, but now I want to switch to this. $49 is totally worth it. Thank you @progressivered for creating this :)
@mattxmaker Nice to know @foliodot works for you. Thank you so much Matt!