Folio for Mac

Simple version control app for designers

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2015

Folio for Mac is simple version control for design teams based on Git

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Hey Product Hunters! We’re really happy to unveil Folio for Mac today. It’s helped us and our testers remove the clutter from our design folders (no more endless lists of duplicates) and explore new design directions with the confidence you can always go back. You can read some more about why we’re building this here: To celebrate we have a special launch offer for Product Hunters: use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT on checkout for a $10 discount!
Nifty app for designers, @hanonno can tell you more! :)
It says it works with Git, but that isn't say it integrates with GitHub, right? Does this allow you to collaborate with other designers, or is this for personal use only (as in, your designs aren't cloud-hosted/available in a repo to others)?
@chrismessina You're exactly right. We use git on your local machine, no GitHub integration. You can open a Folio project in any other Git client (or from the command line if you like), it's just a normal Git project. Collaboration is a future possibility, we're thinking about how to add it in a simple, understandable way.
@hanonno without collaboration, this is a lot less interesting to me — but I definitely see the value/use case for individual designers with clients!
@hanonno @chrismessina Hi Hanno - any update on the possibility of collaboration. This would be HUGE for my team
Really excited to try this. After we lost Layervault I have been looking for a better way to manage my Sketch files. This should work nicely alongside Ember.
I downloaded the Trial yesterday and used Folio for for the first time today! Fantastic app, proved to be really useful, so purchased it there and then! Also, thank you for the Product Hunt discount 😀