Create 360º product images with your smartphone

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2016
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Thanks for hunting us, Tristan! Hey guys! Thank you for taking the time to check us out :) Our dream is to develop a collection of physical and virtual tools so everyone can make and enjoy 360 images. If we can simplify the 360 photo process, we can help others create new ways of blogging, shopping, and searching for products on the internet. 360 photos provide us greater details and offer a new, interactive viewing experience, especially on the smartphone. 360 photography is usually an expensive, difficult process with most professional equipment costing thousands of dollars. We learned this ourselves and tried to use existing budget alternatives for 360 photography, but the results were not good. Because of this problem, we developed the Foldio360, so anyone can create high quality 360 images using just a smartphone and light box. Please check out our kickstarter for more info on the Foldio360. We would love your questions and feedback on our project! Thanks!
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@andrewgogo83 my pleasure, Andrew. One question I have is what to do if the products I have are too large, or more specifically when is a product too large for Foldio360?
@writerpollock The Foldio360 diameter is 10"(25cm). It can cover the normal size subjects like DLSR, headphone and etc. But this is our first version of the Foldio360. We have a plan to create the bigger version turntable that will cover men's shoes in the future.
@andrewgogo83 First of all, great name :) Do you have plans for larger scale version of Foldio360? Like maybe perhaps for human models?
@andrewgogo83 Great product that democratizes 360 photo creation. Hope it will be successful. Are you up for an interview for our blog? On a side note, we run a Slack group for visual startup founders and Foldio360 would make a great addition. Let me know if you want me to sent you an invite (need an e-mail address for that)!
Foldio360 is an awesome, super convenient smart turntable to create 360º rotatable images for your blog, store, or website. It's definitely an ecommerce site's best friend.
Also, It can be possible export to GIF and video.
@sgmoonomg that is sick.
This is a nice tech. Good tool to add 360 product image for e-commerce selling! I am gonna try this and post some update here.
@sunil_jindal Thanks so much! Yes, the whole studio kit is great for anyone selling online :)
@sunil_jindal check our e-commerce sample page link. Imagine that e-commerce page can be possible to change looks like this!
I'd love to justify having this. What use-cases besides e-commerce is there do you think?