Foko 3.0

Private link sharing, photo sharing & live video streaming

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Hey there PH'ers, this is a complete, from the ground up re-architecting of Foko. We've added private link sharing as well as private live streams - along with our private image sharing. This means that you no longer have to worry about broadcasting to everyone - just the everyone that should see what you are sending. Would love some feedback and, should you have any, feature suggestions and/or improvements. Thanks for checking us out!
Marc GingrasCEO - Foko
We're really excited and proud of Foko 3.0. We've completely re-architected the service, focussed on usability and added some important capabilities: Live broadcast, sharing links, sharing photos - in as many different private groups that you want. Let us know what you think - what you like and what you don't. Any feedback is appreciated.