A beautiful focus timer

/foh-k uh s/ (Focus) is a beautiful focus timer to help you get shit done.

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Thanks for the hunt @kevinfischer! I made this little focus timer for myself after trying a handful of others that didn't quite work for me. It was a fun little project that I continue to improve and work on. If you try it out, I'd love to hear what you think 🙂
Love the break screens! Great idea tapping into the Unsplash API.
@imakestrides Thanks! I should be using their API, haha. Right now I have hand picked the images to go along with the little text that overlays them. But that limits the number of images I can have. I should indeed check out their API and use that instead, give it a much more random feel.
@traviswerbelow That's still cool. Nice MVP approach, and having curated images is nice, so you know they fit the purpose/goal of the app.
Great work. Thank you. (feature request: optional website blocking while the timer is active)
@jonathangcohen Thanks! I actually just got that same request from a friend, haha. I'll add it to my list :)
Super cool work mate. Congrats! Not crazy about the name though. It may be a bit hard for users to find it out there..
@lyondhur Thanks! Yeah, I might have gotten a bit too creative with the name
@lyondhur @traviswerbelow I just had that same problem - I was trying to remember it so I could upvote and just drew a blank. :) Perhaps you could get better brand recognition if you put a logo on the timer screen & also on the break screens?
Except the naming of it, everything else is pretty cool.
@askar Thanks! Yeah, I might have gotten a bit too creative with the name