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Hello, We built this app more as an experiment as we were playing around with some image recognition and AI tools to see what kind of problems we could solve. One of the ideas that popped up was being able to take a picture of your refrigerator and getting recipes for what to cook. Although the tech behind the app is not there yet, that is where we certainly want to get, and your feedbacks and comments at this stage would help us greatly to accelerate towards it. Thanks, Karthik Mahadevan
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Love the idea! Seems like it's somewhat ahead of its time, though, but so much potential here. Would be a worthy addition for a 'smart fridge'.
@aramsterdam Hi Aram! Yes. That's where we eventually want to go but the app,now, can figure out individual ingredients with great accuracy and show folks relevant recipes. Take it for a spin and let us know!
Great product name
@imchrisdavis oh yes, Portuguese speaking people will have a blast...
@imchrisdavis a bit of context: "eu fodo" = "I fuck" not only that but in PT is very common to use "fuck" as "eat", so "FODO" (I fuck), "COMO" (I eat) anyway, I agree it might sound nice in EN but PT language is not negligible if you want to make a world product and not just an experiment.
@catarino hi! This was a mistake we made before launch. We thought we came up with a clever name but forgot to see what it meant in other languages. We'll definitely work out another name for the Portuguese store and put out a build. Also, we'll keep in mind to use Google translate the next time around.
@methekarthik Hi! no worries. Lesson learned is the most important aspect here. Anyway, it's a very nice idea. Good luck for the future!
Hey, congrats on the launch, Karthik x2! Back in the day, we had a startup we shut down, but its eng assets are still available - check out if you're interested - dishero.com/preso If interested in more context - https://medium.com/@fishman/my-c... Good luck!