Daily planner & focus timer based on timeboxing and pomodoro

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I made this. :) The Mac app is waiting for App Store approval.
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@_vojto might be interesting to hear your motivation in making this....
@_vojto Looks really cool, waiting as well for the Mac app
Mac app is now live: The next version of iPhone app is still waiting to be released, only then will the sync work. Excited!
@_vojto Just discovered this application, it's fantastic. Is there a way to sync the mac and ios app?
@_vojto any chance of an android version?
This looks perfect for my needs – are there any plans for an android app @_vojto?
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Great idea! I would love this type of apps to turn the concept around: instead of making me in charge of managing my tasks, could the app be my PA and tell me which task to tackle in which order based on time needed to achieve the task and priority? Categorizing tasks (work, health, DIY, etc) would help prioritize tasks based on time: during the week, work tasks would be put forward and during the weekend or evenings, more personal tasks would come to the top of the list. I want the app to tell me which task is best suited for the current moment, be it a week day morning or a Sunday afternoon. Maybe it's because I'm indecisive by nature but I want to be told what to do and when so that my time is optimized. I haven't tried FocusList so maybe that's exactly what it does (in which case I need to buy it!)
@rfreling This is a fantastic idea! I would love a feature like this.
@rfreling Check out Focuster.. - Good product (though I need these things to integrate with one of Wunderlist/Trello to avoid too much copy/pasting)
@rfreling Hey Reinald, I know this is an OLD post so ignore this if you already found a solution, but I've found that OmniFocus is the best app for this. It isn't quite smart (i.e. it's not exactly automatic) but it has perspectives/contexts which takes care of this use case (I have contexts for home/work/school/library/no internet, and I can just switch them based on where I am) Btw, I'm not affiliated in any way, just a happy user. Cheers
@secretmapper thanks for suggesting OmniFocus. It would be a bit overkill for what I need a GTD app to do (at least it was a couple of years ago). I want a simple app where I can write down tasks though out the day and let the app ping me me when a task is best suited for the time/place I'm currently in.
Looks pretty cool, would be nice if it was available to try with limited features and then pay for in app purchase to unlock full app
This is perfect, great job simplifying the process. Can't wait to try it out! @run 3
No such option exists :( @bubbleshooter
You may be right when you say so, thank you. basketballlegends
Any todoist integration?