A Mac app to block distracting websites

#5 Product of the WeekFebruary 11, 2014
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You know product hunt will have made it big when we make it into Focus ;)
@nbashaw it's already there!
If you're curious about how Focus was built, I did a small case study:

Focus is a Mac app that sits in your tool bar and helps you stay on task. Couple of killer features are the ability to schedule blocks of work time and to create custom prompts that you see when you attempt to surf the web.


Great tool for keeping your eye on the prize.


Managing blocked sites could be a little better, specifically allow you to unblock certain sites by subdirectory or regex.

Is this working properly for everyone else who has tried it? I have it on and I can access Twitter, FB, Gmail, etc using both Chrome (my usual browser) and Safari.
@lylemckeany I have had a few other people mention this and am working on a fix. If you'd like to test it out please email me