Focus Framework

A hands on guide to find product-market fit w/ lean methods

Btw, I'm running an online workshop this morning where you can try out a couple of the FOCUS exercises. Join us at
@justin_wilcox Awesome, I'll definitely check it out! And thanks for the great review, this is one of the best advice we got so far.
@matijasosic That's great to hear Matija - let me know if you create another version and I'll review it again :)
Hey Hunters, I wrote the FOCUS Framework - excited to be here and happy to chat about it. That said I kinda wanna try something... Anyone want feedback on their startup? In the comments, or via twitter, shoot me: 1. One sentence describing your customer. 2. One sentence describing the problem your customer has that you're solving (in their words). 3. A link to your landing page/website 4. The biggest challenge you're facing I'll try to reply with a 5 minute feedback video calling out what looks great on your landing page and 1 or 2 things you should consider testing for your next experiment. Here's an example: 1. Customer: Homeowners 2. Problem: "My energy bill is too high" 3. Link: 4. My Biggest Challenge: figuring out if customers will pay for this service My feedback video:
Should be fun! - Justin PS - Oh, and, the coupon code "PHOCUS" will get you $20 off FOCUS today.
@justin_wilcox 1. Professional speaker 2. "It's hard to collect emails from my audience" 3. 4. get users faster (currently reaching them one by one via cold email campaigns with personal intros)
@matijasosic Hey Matija, thanks for being the first. Your video is uploading now!
@matijasosic Here you go!
Great job. Next step is to identify where speakers who want more leads are already searching for solutions to their problems. Toastmasters maybe?
@justin_wilcox 1. Event Attendees 2. Finding the right connection at events 3. 4. Finding users
@isaacvigil Thanks Isaac. Beautiful site. Here you go!
Next steps: niche to one type of event attendee.
Just attended the online workshop and found it helpful and immediately applicable; full of practical stuff!
@chrisaitken Thanks Chris. I had a bast, the questions were fantastic!
@justin_wilcox Great job! Definitely a great and useful framework full of operative experiments to do.
@giuseppedarpino Thanks! It was a ton of fun (and work) building. I'm so glad to hear it's actionable.
Great way to start conversations. This is the link: What do you think?
@vladstan Thanks Vlad. Here's your feedback:
Love the clean design and the idea (I tried something similar myself). Next steps: shift the copy from being "product-focused" to "problem-focused". Keep me posted!
@justin_wilcox Thanks for the feedback. I'll change the copy and let you know about the progress. BTW, I'd love to chat more about your previous idea and why you stopped doing it.