The easiest, most intuitive manual camera for your iPhone

#5 Product of the DayDecember 21, 2015
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My original goal was make a manual focus camera app that doesn't suck - by using Focus Peaking, which highlights the areas in focus in real time. I was really interested in using manual focus on my iPhone, so I tried a bunch of manual camera apps and they all seemed to use focus zoom - usually just a magnified section in the middle of the screen. Focus is also the first app that lets you adjust fill flash brightness - with 4 different levels. I tried to stick to photography conventions, but made some of the controls more granular then you would find on a DSLR. Exposure Compensation and ISO aren't fixed to steps or half steps, but Shutter Speed is, because it makes sense. My wife (photographer) and I (developer) made this together, and we're pretty happy with how it turned out. I still have a lot of features I want to add, so stay tuned for updates :)
@klinger_scott Loving the app so far, but I hope you add support for taking shots whenever you take your finger off the camera button. Most non-Apple photo apps work that way. Pressing the button makes it impossible to time a shot and destabilises the process as an unwanted bonus.
@t55 You make a good point. The phone is more likely to shake on a down press - look for a change in version 1.1 😊
Would love to know the USP behind this product @KlingerStudios
This is really cool. @rrhoover and @stevesi and I were talking last week about photography and how depending on your context you view the process of taking a picture in a very different way. If you grew up needing to develop film, you might take more time with each shot. If you grew up with digital, you may not even think about the details that can go into the perfect shot. I love the idea of having an easy way to explore all of the different manual controls. I've added this to my photography collection. I look forward to using Focus! πŸ“·πŸ‘
@corleyh I never really got into any apps that try to mimic film cameras (like Hipstamatic). As a photographer making an app you want to stick to conventions a much as you can, but some things just don't work well on a touch-only interface.
One more reason for an iPhone! ;)
@vladimirkusnezo Well, there are 800 people working on the iPhone's camera ( and 2 people working on this app 😎
Just picked it up. Looking forward to shooting with over the next couple weeks.