Focals Slack Ability

Read, snooze and reply to Slack messages on Focals

Between channels, threads and emojis, Slack can feel overwhelming. Focals now help you get a handle on all of that. You can now act on direct messages with: “smart-reply,” “mark-as-read” and “remind me in 20.”
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Hey everyone, as always we're pushing out new updates to Focals. We're really excited about launching on Slack as we know this is a killer heads-up use case for the workplace. Use Focals Slack Ability to connect your Slack workspace to your Focals smartglasses. Once connected, all DM and group DMs will be fully actionable on Focals with actions such as: 🕐 Remind me in 20 minutes ✔️ Mark as read 🧠 Smart reply responses (with emojis 🎉)
I want these on my face. In all seriousness, I saw a pair a friend was wearing the other day and they look pretty great and seem like great way to get information/notifications without looking down at my watch or pulling my phone out.
@dangerous_eric appreciate the thoughts @dangerous_eric ! We think so too 🙏