Virtual reality analytics platform & advertising network

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Hey everyone, We’re building FocalHub with two main goals: to enable virtual reality content creators to thrive by earning revenue in order to keep on building fantastic experiences and to create the VR advertising paradigms of the future. You can check out a demo of it here: We recognize that the world of ads today isn’t liked by most and they commonly interrupt experiences but, we’re striving hard to make sure that VR doesn’t go down that path. By starting early, we have the opportunity to shape the way advertising works in VR so that it’s an enjoyable and unobtrusive experience for everyone. Today we’re kickstarting that journey with the introduction of our virtual reality ad network and analytics platform. Developers can quickly integrate our software and begin getting real-time reports of the people using their apps with data such as headset types, retention, device specs, custom events and more all for free. Furthermore, developers also have the ability to integrate some monetization strategies as well. Advertisers are able create campaigns around 360 videos, 3D product placements or even photos to be used as billboards or posters within virtual worlds with custom targeting and the same real-time analytics that developers have plus more data around interactions with their ads as well. The future holds great things for VR and we believe that creating the right monetization techniques early on will ensure the path towards a sustainable ecosystem for everyone to benefit from. Open to answering any questions about the product, virtual reality, or anything really!
Hey Mark, is this like the old school ad-network model? Or is this something where your VR apps integrate with an exchange and we can integrate with our DSP?
Hey @mrsharma, great question. Right now we're taking after the ad network model. As time progresses however we certainly see the DSP model as something to keep in mind since it's much easier for everyone to manage and provides more functionality for sure.
@markmiscavage Nice. Yeah, when you add in the capability for the DSP, 1. I want to be the first to know :) and 2. You'll be able to take the brands/agencies by storm as there's more access on both sides to get things running more efficiently.
@mrsharma will definitely keep you in the loop! 😊
Looks pretty cool. Mark, is analytics free for unlimited apps?
Hi @dshaffer731, thanks for the question. Yes, analytics are free for any number of apps you have.
What's the plan when the VR Ad-block plugin is inevitably built?
Hey @andrewkemendo, our plan is that as VR progresses the types advertisements that are displayed within the content are seamlessly integrated with the experience itself. With that being said, it certainly comes up, is a problem for many industries (a main source of revenue for creators is ads) and is an issue we'll have to tackle head-on as time progresses.