An indie puzzle adventure

Fobia is a puzzle-platformer adventure game. The player character is a little girl who tries to escape from her fears overcoming various obstacles in her path.

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Hello Product Hunters! The game was developed by my wife and I with zero budget. My wife is a concept artist and I am a UX & UI Designer for apps. So it’s our first game. We always wanted to make a little game. And now, when with new technologies anyone can create a game, we tried to create our own. We really hope you enjoy it.
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@theeugenel I found out about this game on Unity's forum and have been playing it the past few days. The game's art and animations are beautiful. How long did you guys spend on design vs. more technical things?
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@davemapplegate Thank you! We spent half the year developing this game. All this time we worked on both the design and the code part. At the same time I had to learn the Unity from the beginning.
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@theeugenel Are you planning on releasing an Android version? Love the design. It reminds me of the girl in the movie 'Don't Look Now'.
@davidjlowe Yes, soon. But first I want to bring it to Nintendo Switch.
@theeugenel Interesting. May I ask why Switch before Android? What is the user base?
Game looks beautiful, artwork is really special. Sorry to see you're gaining a few negative reviews on the App Store. Unfortunately, expectations for a £4.99 game are probably up there with £50 console titles - just the way it goes right now, as larger studios can afford to charge a lot less or rely on IAP etc. Please don't let this put you off - people like ustwo Games (Monument Valley), Ken Wong (Florence) and Playdead are slowly proving that there is still plenty of room for story driven artistic games. I'm sure the value and effort you guys put it justifies the cost entirely, but perhaps consider your goals for the project - is it to generate significant revenue or put yourselves out there as Indie devs, get feedback (that doesn't just relate to the price!) and build upon it. It sucks that the impact of a few negative reviews can have such a detrimental effect on what is an amazing and beautiful achievement for a first game, developed with 0 budget, you should be super proud! Best of luck :)
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@jamie_shoard Thanks a lot! Unfortunately you are absolutely right. Some people want to see AAA game for £4.99. But I hope we will find our users!
I've been playing this game the past few hours and have really enjoyed it. It's impossible to be productive w/ ProductHunt and a games section : )
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@rogerdodger Thank you! I'm very glad to hear it!
How do we can call that art you have used? Is it a draw technique or something like that?
@dnsmnds I’m not sure. Just a draw style where less details :)
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@theeugenel I really like the art style. It kind of reminds me a bit of something like Limbo or Inside. Were there any games that were inspirations for you and your wife when making this?
@jakecrump Glad you like it! Yes. At the time we started working on the game concept, Limbo was one of our most favorite indie games. We also really like games like Firewatch, Little Nightmares, Don’t Starve, Oxenfree. We really like these games and I think we got a lot of inspiration from them.
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@theeugenel @jakecrump Yes, this reminds me of a brighter Limbo/Inside