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Foamy is an outbound sales tool that lets you access best in class contact data and run automated email sequences from one convenient location.

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I’m Rob, Founder/CEO at Foamy. In 2014, I was working for a tech startup in Chicago. The founder said to me, “I want more customers, go figure it out.” So I set out to create an outbound sales process. Long story short: I built a successful process and glued together many software tools to assist along the way. However, I didn’t have a centralized tool that took care of the two most important things to me: 1. Targeted, relevant prospect data I could access in seconds without having to painfully find it myself. 2. Automated outbound emailing so I didn’t have to email manually. Today, the sales space is constantly changing. 1. Contact data is cheaper and more available. However, reliable contact data is extremely important and can be hard to come by. You only want to spend time and effort with the best data. 2. Attention spans of prospects are lower and differentiation via email is more difficult to obtain. Everything moves faster. You need the right content but also the right tool for the job to get the attention you need. 3. Outbound prospecting has emerged as one of the best ways to generate business. At the same time, the crowded nature and numerous ways to fall short have made it more difficult to succeed. If you can tie together great contact data with automated email you have the most productive way to generate meetings and new customers. If you are in sales, marketing, business development or entrepreneurship: to be the best version of you, it’s ideal to have an overflowing pipeline. This allows you to perform to your full capabilities with less stress. You can say “yes” to the right prospects and say “no” to the bad ones. A full pipeline is manufacturable with a good process and the right tool. This is why we are launching Foamy. It’s packaged to help you put your best foot forward, not lose power between a bunch of steps, and create leverage in the sales process. Your time gets allocated on high value activities that move your agenda forward. It puts you on top of a dramatically changing space and can make the difference between being a leader or laggard. With a web app and Gmail plugin, we focus on two core features: 1. A huge, constantly refreshing b2b contact database (200M Premium contacts and growing) inside the app so you can easily search for and save new data any time. 2. Automated email sequences so you can take new contact data and automatically email prospects at times of your choice without having to think about it. You can also import contact data via csv, send bulk email, create templates, save documents, share with the team, and track opens and replies. For a limited time only, there is a 2 week free trial available. From there, you can upgrade to a plan that has more contact data and features. Start a free trial of Foamy and get a sales pipeline like never before. - Rob
This looks great. Well done team. @rob_whitley1
Hi Rob, congrats on launching this! I find that getting up to date targeted lists can be quite a pain. How often are the leads updated with Foamy, and where are they sourced from?
@anderson760 the data updates every 30-90 days. Some we own. We also have numerous data partners.

I was able to pull data that narrowed contacts down based on very specific filters that I needed, and was surprised by the number of contacts that were returned.


Extensive contact database that can be very granular based on specific needs, Email automation easy to use and intuitive