Famous F*ck, Marry, Kill game has now its own app

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This one's a little edgy, as the app is modeled after that famous hypothetical game where you have to chose between three people who you would rather F***, Marry or Kill. Thus, FMK is a social app that gamifies the process of dating — with a twist.
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Sophie, co-founder of FMK here! Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina and hello Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited to present you FMK! As Chris said FMK is a social game based on the hypothetical question who would rather F***, Marry and Kill. 3 people to chose from, 3 hard choices, endless fun. One simple rule that reward user engagement: mutual answer generates a match and frees users to chat. Users can see his/her stats and status material. Perfect for a quick ego boost. Because FMK is based on a truly fun concept, it is not use solely for dating but also to play a thrilling game with friends or strangers. The app went viral just a few weeks after launch and grew organically pretty fast. We are now looking for more awareness and seed found to accelerate our growth. We look forward to get your feedback! Cheers, Sophie
hah, i like this new take.
Never thought that this would be a game Dope🚬
@dredurr Never say never ;-)