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"I moved from Win to Mac and missed Total Commander" – This is the same reason why we have released Commander One 👍
@unpositive why I decided to start fman even though C1 exists: 1) C1 is not cross-platform 2) its UI is bloated 3) no plugin API
@m_herrmann Thank you for your reply! Plugins will be available in v2. "Non-cross-platforming"? – we confident that the choice of OS X and Swift was the right decision.
@westinlohne 😂 UI is fully customizable, so you can hide everything you want except for files list.
hey this is kind of cool. i was wondering if you could provide a little more context for why you made this?
@yvanscher TL;DR: I moved from Win to Mac and missed Total Commander.
It's handy! Please add a proper onboarding to it too. I'm not sure what are the shortcuts and where to find them.
@farbodsaraf very good point. The shortcuts are listed here: I'll add some onboarding (
@m_herrmann thanks, and a feature request: FTP profiles, so I can have my hosting on one pane and local files on the other. Similar to FileZilla but more user-friendly.
@farbodsaraf I understand you'd like FTP support. By "profiles" you mean a list of saved servers?
@farbodsaraf 👍 fman's features are priorities by user votes. The card for FTP support (which I've extended for profiles as you describe) is here:
@m_herrmann This rocks. Plug-in architecture in Python! Am transitioning to Mac in a few I have a fighting chance. 👀
@kkdub :) thanks! Glad you like it
awesome. been using off amd on for a few weeks. hoping that more catch on and put some plugins up. wish i could but i'm coding challenged.