Flyright 2.0

The simple travel platform

Flyright curates everything you need for international travel in one tidy place 💜

After our last launch on PH, we heard your feedback and spent the last year rebuilding everything from the ground up. We now:

🛂 Support 194 passports globally

📱 Ship on iOS and Android

✈️ Run offline-first, including currency and timezone calculator features

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Great job !! 😊 Super useful guys, would love maps enabled into it for easy travel and database for SIM cards , medical , tourism places with timing , cab fare , metro , International licenses etc. Would love these in it ,Is it possible?
Hi @ayush_chandra ! Thanks so much for your support and shoutout! We're actually waiting on the Expo client to support certain key technologies before we roll out features like the maps you're talking about. As for those others, we'll add them to our list of potential features to include in future updates, so thanks for the ideas! 😃

Can't wait to travel abroad and use the saved offline features


Super helpful, will simplify international traveling


Non yet

Flyright 2.0 is everything Flyright was plus even more! Can't wait to use this app while I am traveling this year


International Support!



Hello PH fam! This is the second iteration of Flyright on PH after first shipping almost exactly a year ago. The feedback from this community gave us our start, and we’re so excited to revisit and share what we’ve built since: - Worldwide passport support for 194 countries - Search from and to 2,400+ airports - Health recommendations from the CDC - Metro maps of world subway systems, usable offline - Currency conversion, usable offline - Timezone conversion, usable offline - Saved trips for offline viewing - User profiles 💜 Thank you for landing on our little corner of Product Hunt, and we look forward to your feedback!
Hey there fellow Hunters and Makers! Almost a year ago today, we introduced the very first iteration of what is now the Flyright platform. Since then, we’ve received a lot of love and feedback from the PH family, and that’s helped inspire the look, feel, and goals of Flyright’s evolution. Flyright 2.0 is a direct result of your input, a year’s worth of post-launch retrospectives, and conversations like “how do we empower travelers without a bunch of hand-holding” or “how do we make, arguably, the most boring information around — i.e., info about visa restrictions, health recommendations, currency exchange rates, etc. — not only accessible, but even just a little fun?” And we’re pleased to, once again, bring it to you first! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks and happy travels! 💜 the Flyright team